An Ocean

by The Blood Of Others

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This EP was written and designed to be paired with FIRE MERIDIAN by SØLVE:

Limited cassette available from I Die: You Die (edition of 100)

"Fire Meridian/An Ocean shows us that there is life in current electro(nic) industrial besides techno-industrial and power electronics. Names like SØLVE and The Blood Of Others revitalize a genre which has become a cliche by learning from the past without aping it and following their own muse. And, most important, they give a purpose and sense to their music going well beyond simple style. You can find actual songwriting here, a narrative with emotional takes and a human soul behind the machines."
- Flux Web Zine


released October 20, 2019

The Blood of Others – “An Ocean”
Written and Produced by Michael Kurt.
Vocals recording and mixing done by Patrick Champagne at The Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR 2016-2017. (
Mastering on Cassette: Susan Subtract (
Mastering for Digital: Brant Showers (
Track 4: Additional vocals by Sophie, lyrics re-appropriated from Simone de Beauvoir’s novel "The Blood of Others".
Digital cover: Daniel Meyer (
Cassette Design: Rheanna (
Photos: Jedediah Hamilton (

Copyright The Blood of Others 2019


all rights reserved



The Blood Of Others Portland, Oregon

The Blood of Others is the Industrial project of Michael Kurt based in Portland, Oregon.

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Track Name: I
The Winter sun
combed in light, aside
the grey burning of a forest
left soon to die
we pass through night
and continue mourning
to the shores
and the moorland
of our hearts
from black, to grey,
and back again
we bracken worlds
we can’t defend

Is this the end?
Track Name: II
I hold myself under the water
until I can’t stand to breathe
normally just for a second of peace
easily, guided by the waves
into a calm and serene sleep
a torment waits
dormant in the doorway
of my dreams
so easily,
I fall and can’t seem to see
that I’ll drift forever
on the waves out to sea

I won’t tread this water anymore
Just let me
I won’t tread this water anymore
just let me
Track Name: III
I aim for sun
I sink below the waves
and I don’t come out
until I’ve drown
and it’s night again
I wade through tide
of a dark beckoning
until I’ve found
what I’m looking for
there can be no relief

I aim for the sun
But I can’t see beyond
the night’s
crashing over me
there can be no release
Until I’m calm
Until I’m found among
the weeds the grow
through the house
and strip in down
to the earth again
to the place where we pretend
to walk along
the path we were born
and see nothing
But I can’t resign
to have the waves
crashing over me
again, and again, and again, and again, and a -

I fell the forest
just to find the splinters
deep in me
Track Name: IV
My Life.
Minuscule islands in the midst of a black sea
lost under an empty sky
covered by uniform waters

The tireless whisper stopped
angst erupted.
silence is.
There will be no dawn.

Nothing exists anymore
but this dream of death exists
to not know anything anymore
to not know the weight of my body

but I live
And I know
I will never stop knowing

What If I fall?
What If I fall apart?

It takes the wind from my lungs
and pulls me under
the waves over take me again
and I can’t be
I find my breath
but it’s not me
I stand at last
but sink below
Where is my home?
I wander on
but the spirit leaves me

I am passing on
what have I become
I sink below
where do I belong
I am passing on
Where is the death
that I have won
I sink below
and in the ocean
I find a home

Waves break
it’s the tension that holds
in all of our hearts
what if I fall?
Waves break
it’s the tension that holds
in all of our hearts
What If I fall apart?

Waves break
(we fall apart)
It’s the tension that holds
(in all of our hearts)
what if I fall
Waves break
(we break apart)
It’s the tension that holds
(in all of our hearts)
What if i fall apart?

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